Friday, June 5, 2009

Caramelized Pop Corn

Chitra Pal Caramel PopCorn
For Caramel
1. You need 2 ½ cups of white sugar
2. 1 cup of cream (can use low fat)
For Pop Corn
1. 2 cup any kind pop corn seeds
2. 1 tsp. of unsalted butter

1. In a non stick pan on a medium heat add sugar and let it brown. Don’t turn around your eyes from pan otherwise it will burn.
2. Now slowly add cream and stir until it turns smooth thick brown paste.
3. In a deep dish heavy surface non stick pan or you can also do in pressure cooker or kadiye.
4. Add one tsp. of unsalted butter or oil and now add 1 cup of pop corn.
5. Put the lid on pan or pressure cooker ( do not lock the cooker, just the lid). When the pop corn starts popping keep on shaking the pan in intervals.
6. When they stop popping that means they are done remove from heat and keep the lid on for two minutes so that they don’t jump out of pan.
7. Spread them on baking sheet.
8. Now drizzle caramel with the spoon and let it cool for 3-5 minutes.
Serve and watch a movie with your family.

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