Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dream come true :)

Chitra Pal with Nadia G, Kelsey Nixon, Ben Sargent

Long time dream come true. I have been so inspired by all the food network stars since long. Always thought of that day when I will meet them , what will I say, what will I do first or how will I react.

Chitra Pal with Ben Sargent

It’s a lifetime opportunity when you meet your stars, your favorite TV stars, Actors, Sports stars etc. Everybody has their own ideals who they want to be, who inspire them of doing something in their life, well for me they are Culinary Artists, Chefs anyone related to Food. So when I got to know that they are coming to NY, I could not stop myself. I had to go and see them, meet them, and had a great experience.

Chitra Pal Stars

I have learnt so much from Rachel Ray (in Black T), her show Rachel Ray - 30 Minute Meal, Kelsey Nixon ( in check shirt) from her show Kelsey Essentials - Cooking Channel, Ben Sargent from his show Hook, Line and Dinner - Cooking Channel and last but not the least, my husband’s and mine favt, Nadia G (in Pink) her show Bitchin' Kitchen. Hope to see them more.


I wish everybody gets their dream come true and everybody can meet their stars one day soon.

Till then enjoy cooking


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