Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pau Bhaji


A dish which everyone loves to eat outside. But now you can make it  this at home very easily and it will be much more nutritious and hygenic.


  Chitra Pal Pau Bhaji  


1. Two fresh medium diced tomatoes

2. One small boiled potato (mashed)

3. 1 cup of chopped green beans, carrots, bell pepper and peas.

4. One big Onion (chopped)

5. Three cloves of garlic ( minced)

6. 4 tsp. of Pau Bhaji Masala (MDH recommended)

7. 1 tsp. of Red chili powder

8. Salt to taste

9. 2 green chilies (chopped)

10. 3 tsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil/Vegetable Oil

11. 2 tsp. butter

12. 2 cups of water.

13. 10 buns cut in half with butter on one side. (2 whole buns for family of four)

Chitra Pal Pau Bhaji (2)Chitra Pal Pau Bhaji (6)Chitra Pal Pau Bhaji (16)Chitra Pal Pau Bhaji (8)Chitra Pal Pau Bhaji (10)Chitra Pal Pau Bhaji (9)


1. Puree Tomatoes and keep it aside.

2. Heat Oil in non stick pan and throw mix veggies inside the pan.

3. When veggies are turning light golden brown add tomato puree and stir till oil leaves sides of the pan.

4. Simmer to medium low and add mashed Potatoes.

5. Stir and close the lid let it simmer for five minutes till we prepare the masala to go in this pan. (You must close the lid, as soon as the potatoes are added tomatoes puree will be bubbling up and will make your stove top dirty).

6. Take another small non stick skillet / pan and heat 2tsp. of butter or Oil

7. Add minced garlic and green chilies and onions.

8. Add Salt, Red Chili Powder and add Paubhaji masala and add one tsp of Tomato puree from another pan.

9. Now add this garlic masala to main pan.

10. Add two cups of water.

11. Let it simmer on low heat for 15-20 mins till color is red-orange.

12. Till the Bhaji is ready heat the bread buns and chop one onion for garnish.

13. Now serve it hot to your family their favorite dish from your kitchen. I am sure they will ask for more.

-Enjoy Chitra

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