Sunday, December 14, 2014

Food on the Go Series with Chitra

Hi Guys, I have been thinking a lot to start this new series on my food blog for long, finally I am beginning this series from my Birthday. This series was inspired by all those people who have travelling job and love to try out new and different cuisines. My husband and I have a travelling job, we have travelled a lot since we got married. We are big foodie and whenever we went to a new places, always on weekends we wanted to try out new things, new restaurants and new cuisines, although Yelp and Google helped a lot, but somehow there was some personal touch which we always looked into like reviews from some local people, pictures or recommendations. So this series is all about that. In this series I will be posting all about those places I visit and food I ordered in those restaurants or food joints. I will try to post about the restaurant, along with pictures of food.  It will be really fun series, where we all can communicate with each other, and if you decide to try that food or place, you can share your experience too in the comments section. I know everyone is searching for some different kind of food everywhere. Also everyone wants to know which food was best and which was worse, I will share my experience with you guys. I hope you like this series and let me know if you want me to update some more information about any post. If you have come across my blog first time and you like it, please follow my blog and share with your friends and family too. New Blog post for this series coming soon. Are you ready Foodie’sclip_image001 Cheers Chitra Social Media:- Twitter and Instagram:- cateyesdamsel Facebook :- Chitra A Pal

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