Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mango Kalakand

Chitra Pal Mango Kalakand


1. 3 cups of mango pulp

2. ½ can of sweetened condensed milk

3. ½ kg of fresh unsalted paneer grated / ricotta cheese

4. 1 cup of skimmed milk

5. 1 tbsp of milk powder

6. 2 tsp of cardamom powder

7. 1 cup of chopped pistachios

8. 1 silver varq for garnishing.

Chitra Pal Crushed Paneer Chitra Pal Condensed Milk


1. In a non stick pan add paneer and condensed milk.

2. Stir continuously and keep it is low heat.

3. When the mixture turns thick add mango pulp.

Chitra Pal Fresh Mango Pulp 

4. Stir in so that it is mixed well.

5. If the mixture is tough to stir add on the milk now.

6. Add cardamom powder.

7. Cover the lid and let it simmer till it turns real thick mixture.

8. Pour the mixture in deep pan or 2 inch tray.

9. Garnish with chopped pistachios and let it cool down.

10. Now cover the silver varq carefully on whole mithai.

11. Cut in bite size pieces and enjoy.

12. Share homemade mithai with your neighbors and family members.


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