Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Vegetarian Pulao

Chitra Pal Veg Pulao 

A very easy dish to make with leftover Rice

Can make in less then ten minutes and everyone will enjoy this, nobody will know that these were leftovers twisted in with fancy garnishing.


1. Two cups bolied rice
2. Salt to taste
3. 1 cup Mixed vegetable (cube size peas, carrots, corn, green beans)
4. 1 cup cubes of cottage cheese/ Paneer
5. 2 tsp. Cumin / Zeera seeds
6. 2 tsp. Vegetable oil / Olive Oil


1. In a non stick pan put oil and add Cumin seeds.
2. When Cumin seeds splutter add mixed vegetables.
3. As soon as vegetables get light brown add Paneer cubes.
4. Add Salt and turn flame to low.
5. Add Rice into the pan and stir thoroughly with fork, be careful they should not stick to each other.
6. Serve hot over red cabbage leaf with green salad on the top.

Njoy n ssshhhh dont tell anyone these were leftovers :)


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