Sunday, August 22, 2010

Chat Pate Peanuts

  Chitra Pal Chat Pate Peanuts


1. 1 bag of unsalted peanuts

2. 1 tsp of kosher /sea salt

3. ½ tsp of red chili powder

4. 1 tsp of chaat masala

5. 1 tbsp of sugar

6. 1 tsp of oil


1. Roast the peanuts in oven on gas in a non stick pan until it is golden brown

Chitra Pal Roasting peanuts

2. In a plastic bag or a brown bag (you can use same bag in which peanuts were packed) add salt, chaat masala, sugar and red chili powder.

Chitra Pal Peanuts

3. Now put the warm peanuts and 1 tsp of oil in the same plastic bag or a brown bag.

4. Shake it well until the mixture is stick with peanuts.

5. Serve these as a snack with tea, coffee or cocktail.


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