Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chilled Mediterranean Hummus Salad

Chitra Pal Chilled Mediterranean Hummus Salad


1. 2 cans of hummus / chick peas / garbanzo beans

2. 2 tbsp of sliced Spanish olives

3. 2 tbsp of chopped pickled vegetables

(See my Recipe for Pickled Vegetables)

4. Salt and Pepper to taste

5. 1 tbsp of chopped cilantro / dhaniya

6. 1 lemon, juiced

7. 1 tsp of red hot sauce


1. Drain out the chick peas and rinse it under running water in a strainer.

2. Take a large bowl add all the ingredients and stir it well.

3. Cover the bowl with a plastic wrap and let it chill for some time.

4. Serve this on hot sunny day to your family. It is full of nutrients and protein.


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